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Low cost country sourcing services

Buying and Sourcing

Through cooperation with ABS Company you choose one of the most reputable and reliable product sourcing and manufacturing enterprises in China. Our product sourcing services are focused on research, purchase and supply of products manufactured in Asia, commissioned by companies around the world. We are fully committed to meet the needs of our customers in the long term strategic goals to be implemented by means of risk minimization, significantly reducing freight costs, accelerating the  ‘time to market’ which improved profit margins and shareholder returns.

The experience of ABS Company in structuring new projects is unsurpassed. Our specialties include the management of complex business negotiations and the critical importance of effective and legal appropriate contract drafting catered to the specific needs of the particular business and situation, which cannot be emphasized enough. Robust contracts identify and minimize risk for the client and the manufacturer ensure that projects and procurement are carried out efficiently and without costly disputes. We assist clients regularly regarding often overlooked issues such as contractual issues including import - export handlers and permits as the specific products, specifications for quality, liability and damages arrangements, currency fluctuations, legal regulations of local authorities and other crucial issues that the project being engage in international business. Our legal department has many years experiences in this field and has a national and international network of lawyers.

Buying services

The competitive pressure in the world is large and thereby forcing companies to produce at lower costs, which often proves that it is impossible to make some profits. Countries with rapidly emerging economies such as in Asia, which still can supply at considerably lower prices, are the solution. We offer our customers buying services, the ideal thereto is through our extensive supplier network, we find in the simplest and most convenient way for every business, production, ready products, product components, or other goods or services.  When ABS Company can't find the right products – goods or services, or the final product price does not match the customer requirements, the customer doesn't need to comply the cost for this service. ABS Company offers direct sourcing and full export handling from Asia. This gives a customer benefits if he or she has insufficient experience in foreign trade, the financial burden and the export regulations of local governments in Asian countries.

Outsourcing services

Purchasing and production in Asia is not without risk and should be carefully planned and monitored. Within offering total solutions for your sourcing needs in Asia, ABS Company specializes in China outsourcing and Low Cost Country Sourcing in general. We handle all phases of the procurement process, including technical support, quality control - inspection and full logistics service off. Our many years of specialized experience combined with local know-how and constant presence in Asia makes us the ideal partner for the Asian markets. Based on your technical product specification and your target finding and selecting our specialists the most competitive suppliers or manufacturing in low-wage countries.

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Buying and Sourcing Services in China | Low cost country sourcing


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