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The Company Secretary

Under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 32) of the Laws of Hong Kong, a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong should appoint a company secretary, to perform the legal liability of the company, which includes declaration of relevant organization structure, changes of shareholders and directors to the Companies Registry, as well as contemplation of the agenda of company meetings for Board of Directors, preparation of annual general meetings of shareholders and provision of professional advisory service and advice on relevant statutory ordinances.

Main Duties of Company Secretary

The post of Company Secretary is required by statutory. Her duties include reporting to Companies Registry about any change of the company's structure and key personnel. She is also responsible for preparing board minutes, arranging for annual meeting and providing professional advices in respect of Companies Ordinances.

- manage and keep the company's statutory book (register of shareholders / directors);

- arrange for meeting of shareholders and board of directors and prepare minutes;

- repare and submit Annual Return;

- manage the issues of share transfer, allotment and increase in capital;

- manage the issues of change company name, change of registered / business address;

- manage the issues of appointment and resignation of directors / company secretary;

- manage the issues of change of personal particulars of directors / company secretary;

- manage the issue of application of deregistration and suspending applications for activities

ABS Company provides Corporate Secretarial Service, committed to reducing worries and doubts incurred by clients when facing relevant laws, and assessing whether corporate strategy is in compliance with relevant laws, while communicating information on the latest company laws and conducting analysis on the effects confronting the company.

Our services include:

- Assisting clients to incorporate/set up company in Hong Kong and overseas

- Assisting in opening bank account

- Assisting in applying for Hong Kong work visa

- Providing relevant advice on company liquidation and bankruptcy

Content of Services

Drafting and amending Memorandum and Articles of Association

We offer reviewing and drafting amendment to the company's Memorandum and Articles of Association, which in many case are required if company is restructuring, issuing new shares or reorganizing its shareholders' structure.

Attending and preparing minutes for company's meeting

We can arranged for our staff to attend company's annual, general or extra-ordinary shareholders' and directors' meeting and subsequently preparing minutes for the same.

Preparing annual return

The Hong Kong Company Ordinance requires all limited companies to file its annual return within 42 days after the anniversary date of incorporation. We can prepare such return for companies on an annual basis.

Amending and filing changes of directors and shareholders

Changes of directors:

We can assist in the preparation and amendment of changes made to the directors of a company include updating the register of directors and filing such changes with the Company Registry.

Changes of shareholders:

We can assist in the increase or decrease of share capital and allotment and transfer of shares, including completing the necessary documentation and filing the same with the Companies Registry.

Preparing name changes

Upon completing a name search for the availability of the proposed new name of client, we shall prepare all documentation required to complete the name changes and file the same to the Company Registry.

Registered address

Providing registered address, mail, fax or telephone receiving and forwarding services:

Registered address: all company registered in Hong Kong must have a Hong Kong registered address. We can provide a Hong Kong registered address and mail management services. All mail, courier or parcel can be handled by us. Client can choose whether to arrange for a pick up or we shall deliver such mail, courier or parcel to another designated address.

Fax and telephone forwarding services

Fax and telephone receiving and forwarding services: We can arrange for a Hong Kong telephone and fax number and client can choose either all calls received be forwarded to another designated telephone number or we shall acknowledge client by sending email to remind them about the caller or message caller may have left. For fax forwarding services we can redirect the fax to client through email.

Assist in opening bank account:

Banking industry in Hong Kong is flourishing and hundreds of major banks around the globe have branches or representative offices here. We can assist client to open bank account either in Hong Kong by introducing client to major bankers and preparation of other necessary documents required.

Providing deregistration and winding-up services:

We provide consultation and provision of deregistration and voluntary winding-up of a Hong Kong limited company.

Handling payroll, MPF and other administrative function

We also offer administering the payroll, MPF and other corporate administrative function and acting as authorized signatory to handle various banking functions such as issuing Letter of Credit etc.

Secretarial services

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