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Production inspection

Production inspection in China is important, because you do not want to be surprised by higher costs you previously had not counted on. ABS Company works with you to coordinate third party inspections, product testing, certification organisations and factories so that your requirements and standards are continually met. We communicate testing requirements to the factory and coordinate with you to stay up to date on the requirements of specific products. Poor quality or defective products, delivered to your customer's, can be confidence harm. Prevent this by good production quality inspections. ABS Company checks all factors involved in production and see if they meet the requirements. Inspections may be conducted before and during production, shipment and during loading of the container. The costs are low in comparison with the problems that can be prevented.

Initial Production Inspection

Initial Production Inspection (IPI) is usually conducted right after the manufacturer starts producing the first mass-production samples.  Our inspector is dispatched once 1% to 10% of your ordered quantity has been produced. He / she checks the quality of the raw materials and components used in the production. They review first production samples against approved samples or specifications. They evaluate the co-operation of the factory, double checking the understanding of your demands by the factory, reviewing production schedules and production processes control as well as in-house quality control checks. We help to find solutions when there are production problems at the start of manufacturing. Being aware at an early stage

of any production issues helps you control and organise your schedules and avoid any possible delays.

Pre production inspection

This inspection takes place at the factory or at the supplier’s office of the supplier at the start of the production phase. Our inspectors check the raw materials, parts and accessories and critical success areas for the order. It is also unclear whether the supplier has correctly understood all instructions. Additionally, we verify that the factory has a correct understanding of your request. Further checks can include a review of samples, costs, production schedules and processes as well as in-house quality control checks and interviews with key personnel employed by the supplier. Inspection at this stage of production avoids unnecessary costs and delays.

During production inspection

During Production Inspection takes place during the production phase, often at a stage when between 20% and 80% of the products have been manufactured. Our inspectors check the packed and ready-to-go cargo including: product appearance, workmanship quality, size measurements, weight check, functionality assortment, accessories, labelling & logos, packaging, packing. Our inspectors will additionally focus on any other tests or specific requirements as demanded by the product or the export market. Our inspectors intervene during the production process to check that the quality of your products is reaching your standards. We report regularly on the production schedule. We inspect the actual production volumes to anticipate any delays to your shipment. The During Production Inspection will also cover an inspection of the raw materials, unfinished products and production planning.

Pre-shipment Inspection

This inspection is carried out as at least 80% of the production is completed. There will be checked whether the products meet the specifications and expectations of the client, this is done by means of an internationally recognized sampling technique. The inspector looks at how many products are ready and how exactly packed. And the inspector can determine when the total production is ready.

Container Loading Inspection

The Container Loading Inspection takes place before the manufacturer loads the goods into the container. It can continue for the duration of the loading process. This inspection can take place at the factory or at your forwarder’s warehouse. Before your goods depart on their lengthy journey, you need to ensure that the agreed number of boxes is loaded and that the boxes are in good condition at the time of loading.

Factory Audit

When you outsource manufacturing to a factory, you are fully reliant on that factory to uphold your reputation by producing quality products in a work environment free of deficiencies. ABS Company understands that a trusted factory is an invaluable resource, and we are dedicated to protect your business interests and to ensure the quality of your products. We work with you to coordinate in-depth factory audits that include on-site visits to assess the infrastructure set up as well as existing human resource arrangements. This comprehensive audit allows you to have “complete overview in the factory” to ensure total compliance with your stipulations as well as those of your buyers. We remain in communication with you, the auditors and the factory throughout the process to ensure that full compliance is met before mass production begins. Our qualified auditors independently assess everything from production capacities and quality control systems to staff facilities and working conditions. We go on site and get the information you need to ensure high-quality suppliers. Confirm your factory has the production capacity and quality to meet your production needs.

Logistics Coordination

The fast pace of global trade means that time is literally money. Inventory that is delayed in transit results in unhappy customers and suppliers alike and lost business opportunities for you. ABS Company draws on our many years of logistics coordination experience to ensure that your freight costs are minimised and that your shipments are always delivered on time. We help you set up warehouse space so that you can send consolidated large shipments rather than numerous small shipments. We work with logistics providers to pick and pack these consolidated shipments into smaller ones, making efficient use of the warehouse to track and monitor each and every package. We arrange transport and distribution from this central location, cutting your freight costs and maximizing organisational efficiency.

Production inspection services and Factory audit

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