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Are you looking for the right location for the establishment of an Offshore Company?

The metropolis Hong Kong is known as one of the largest and most dynamic financial centers of the world. It is situated on the South-East shore of China and became a part of the Peoples Republic of China on July 1st 1997, It has been designated a Special Administrative Region (SAR) with the Peoples Republic of China with it’s own legal and judicial system and offices. Both Chinese and English are the official languages therefore all necessary documents for the establishment of Offshore Companies can be provided in both languages.  There is no special “Offshore” legislation in Hong Kong. All companies , local and Offshore, are governed by the same regulations. The specific aspect which makes a Hong Kong Offshore attractive is the Tax Free status of such companies under specific conditions. If a Hong Kong company is not actively conducting business dealings in Hong Kong nor generates income from Hong Kong based sources but does this from other countries in the world it will be granted a Tax Free status, even if this income is transferred to Hong Kong afterwards. A Hong Kong based company which has active business dealing in other countries other than Hong Kong is in fact an “Offshore” . When a company is not actively conducting dealings in Hong Kong it is in general only needed to submit a deposition of “No business dealings in Hong Kong” More

Using Hong Kong as the “Gateway to China” is the most effective way of doing business with the P.R.C.

Factory audit in China

ABS understands that a trusted factory is an invaluable resource, and we are dedicated to protect your business interests and to ensure the quality of your products. More

Production inspection in China

Production inspection in China is impor-tant, because you do not want to be surprised by higher costs you previously had not counted on. ABS Company works with you to coordinate third party inspections, product testing, certification organisations and factories so that your requirements and standards are continually met. We communicate testing requirements to the factory and coordinate with you to stay up to date on the requirements of specific products. Poor quality or defective products, delivered to your customer's, can be confidence harm. More

An offshore bank account

We are able to handle the entire account opening process for you so you do not need to visit the bank in person. Depending on the bank selected, credit cards and/or debit cards are available, together with ATM cards, telephone banking and internet banking services. We can assist you with offshore banking in Hong Kong. More

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