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Hong Kong Company Limited Formation

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Simple establishment

The establishment of a Hong Kong Limited is simple. It is subject to almost no restrictions apart from that there may not be another Hong Kong Limited registered in Hong Kong with the same name. Necessary for registration is at least one director, one shareholder, a local ‘Company Secretary’ and a registered company address in Hong Kong. None of the directors or shareholders need to be Hong Kong residents.

Private Limited Companies

Most companies operating in Hong Kong are private limited companies.

Time to Incorporate

Incorporation of a Hong Kong company takes around 5 days however ready made Limited’s are also available and the same day operational.


Only one director is required and there are no restrictions on nationality or residency. Incorporated Companies can also act as a director. There is no requirement for board meetings to be held in Hong Kong. The sole director cannot be the secretary of the same company.


Only one shareholder is required. Shareholder meetings do not have to take place in Hong Kong. Nominee shareholders are allowed and anonymity can be achieved by the use of our nominee shareholder service.

Company Secretary

A Hong Kong company must have a company secretary. It can either be an individual or a limited company.

If the secretary is an individual, it must be a resident in Hong Kong. If the secretary is a corporate body, its registered office must be in Hong Kong.

Share Capital

Separate classes of shares with different rights to dividends are permitted, subject only to any restrictions in the company's Articles of Association.

Annual General Meeting

Hong Kong companies are regulated by an Ordinance based on UK company law. Apart from tax related matters, the only other compliance requirement is that an Annual General Meeting is held within 18 months of incorporation, then at least once every year thereafter to receive the accounts and to elect/appoint officers.

Ready Made Companies

Hong Kong ready made companies with standard Memorandum and Articles designed to permit most general activities are available making it possible to commence business at very short notice. Our ready made companies are in good standing, are not the subject of any insolvency proceedings and have not entered into any contracts or engaged in any business activities.

How to order a Hong Kong Limited

Necessary data, such as the name of the Limited, the shareholders, the first director(s), the Company secretary and the registered Company address in Hong Kong can be completed by email. So it is no need for client visiting Hong Kong to register the Limited. More

Hong Kong Private Limited 1200 USD

Hong Kong Ready Made Company - same day  1350 USD

Includes the standard Private Limited Company formation in Hong Kong plus the Certificate of Good Standing for your Company, Change of name - if required and Transfers to new ownership.

Application form, Documents Required for establishing and fees for registration