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Corporate services

Legal services

ABS Company is specialized in commercial law, investment planning, intellectual property, and help with corporate law related matters in the PRC, Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan. Providing legal services in the areas of business establishments and terminations, shareholder structures, investment, arbitration, intellectual property, e-commerce, labour disputes, or legal advice and litigation in commercial matters.


Financial services

ABS Company has extensive financial knowledge and practical experience, has a wide interpersonal relationships, maintain close long-term cooperation with many large and medium-sized finance and fund management companies and venture capital funds. Our financial professionals are always interested to examine individual situations, investors with development strategies agreed and financing plans for the long term. Helping start-ups to make effective use of various financial instruments to raise capital and vision to business development to facilitate, in formulating their business. We assist you as Corporate Finance Consultants, providing Venture Capital, Project Loans, BOT finance and financing plans for the development of projects.


Accounting in Hong Kong SAR  and PR China

As entrepreneur you may not be familiar with Hong Kong and at first glance the accounting and tax filing requirements may look complex. Our team can assist with clear advice and provides a wide range of accounting and tax services for Hong Kong and China Companies.

Accounting includes

Provision of general bookkeeping services; Preparation of annual and periodic financial statements for management, tax filing and third party purposes; Arrangement of independent audits required for tax filing, Preparation of budgets, forecasts and business plans; Provision of payroll services and attending to employer obligations with the IRD and MPFA; Operation of bank accounts including attending to payments on behalf of clients.

Tax services

Tax services preparing tax computations and filing corporate and personal tax returns with the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department advising upon the use of offshore entities in a variety of jurisdictions  advising on the design of tax efficient remuneration packages advising on the tax implications of your proposed activities including acquisitions and disposals of businesses and properties. In summary outsourcing your accounting to ABS Company will reduce the hassle of administering your business allowing you to focus your attention on your customers and growing your business.


Your virtual offices in Hong Kong SAR and PR China

We provide a professional support team that answers your Company phone calls and forward your regular mail, e-mail and fax messages to you. This gives you the possibility to do your business activities by the use of a virtual office service address at a central contact point in either Hong Kong or mainland China without the need to be really present. So, you can fully utilize your valuable time to handle your business elsewhere.

Workspaces can be booked individually for an hourly fee. If you wish to organize a business meeting in Hong Kong or mainland China, you can book a suitable meeting room or fully equipped private office with telephone, fax and pc. From simple to luxurious, in every price range at various locations in Hong Kong, including Kowloon, Central, the New Territories and in the 29 SEZ’s areas in PR China.

Perfect for : business people who have to travel a lot and don’t need a fixed physical office space; newly established enterprises whose budget is not sufficient enough for a long term rent; Companies that do not require full-time office for a temporary project; Entrepreneurs who work from home and occasionally like to have an urban identity.

At all locations are central mailbox numbers available. Incoming mail will be equipped with receipt date, and stored for the entrepreneur. The item can be picked up during office hours. Optionally for clients we can send their postal or mailings.  And have worldwide forwarding services. Franking of mail items is calculated according to the usual postal and parcel shipping rates.

We also offer: Advice on the use of Hong Kong companies for sourcing activities including detailing the tax benefits available; Advice on all aspects of sourcing activities including the development of a standard process to operate the company; Arrangement and administration of Letters of Credit and bills; Re-invoicing including preparation of invoices and shipping documents; Liaison with suppliers and freight forwarders on behalf of clients; Arrangement of shipping and insurance; Attending to payments to suppliers; Establishing trade finance facilities with banks in Hong Kong.

All virtual services at an affordable rate

This very affordable alternative to a full time office can easily be arranged within two days.

- 100 prime business addresses with a prestigious appearance in Hong Kong and China.

- Telephone and mail handling, so you can utilize your valuable time for business elsewhere.

- Private office with telephone, fax and computer

- Personal telephone company and forwarding

- Administration Service

- Secretarial service

- A fraction of the cost of a physical office                For every budget a complete package.

Questions or advise about above topics? Please feel free to contact our professionals.

Email or call our Specialdesk (+852) 2671 2138

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