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Trustworthy bank system

Hong Kong, the International Financial Centre and safe haven for tax savings, has numerous International Banks with world wide offices. For the opening of a bank account these banks merely require a copy of a passport and an address of their client so that they can comply with the legal Hong Kong requirements.

The Law also demands that Banks in Hong Kong may NOT submit any details of their account holders without their expressed permission.

No assets control

Hong Kong knows no assets control. Funds on a Hong Kong bank account may freely be deposited, transferred or withdrawn without being subject to control or taxation payments.


All banks in Hong Kong must, with respects to the strict regulations governing financial institutions, keep any and all information concerning their clients confidential. Only if a client is suspected of fraudulent, criminal activities or tax evasion in Hong Kong ( NOT evasions or activities in other countries!) will information be given to the Hong Kong authorities. Furthermore the judicial, tax and economic authorities in Hong Kong may not provide information to any party, not even authorities in other countries.

Most clients who purchase an offshore company also need banking and investment services to enjoy the full benefits of going "offshore". Our financial department provides a full range of banking and investment services through its affiliates in various countries. We are able to handle the entire account opening process for you so you do not need to visit the bank or investment company in person. Depending on the bank selected, credit cards and/or debit cards are available, together with ATM cards, telephone banking and internet banking services. We can assist you with offshore banking in Hong Kong.

Opening a Business Bank Account

Banking services like checking accounts, multi-currencies accounts, international debit and credit cards, trading support, internet banking, funding etc. are indispensable for any business. Opening an Offshore Hong Kong bank account does not always require personal presence, however most Hong Kong banks require clients who will not visit the bank personally to be introduced to the bank via a valid introducer for the bank. We are in good contact with reliable and user-friendly banks, locally and internationally. All the banks are different from each other. Opening an offshore bank account is not a simple matter and some offshore and international banks may take more than one month to open a bank account from receipt of the completed documents. Upon understanding your business objectives and personal requirements our consultants will be happy to advise you on a suitable bank and bank account to meet your specific needs. We can assist to open Hong Kong bank accounts with the following banks:

Bank of China


Hang Seng Bank


Standard Chartered

ABN Amro

(Offshore) Bank Accounts


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